Podcasting: Guest Equipment

Adam Fry-Pierce
1 min readApr 19, 2017

When we record Design Story, we make it simple for our guests to participate.

As a potential guest of our podcast, you would need: a quiet environment, a quality USB microphone, and a Skype account.

Here is our recommended setup:

  1. Quiet Environment: Pick a place with decent acoustics with little chance of interruption. Your recording area should be full of soft surfaces. Some of the highest-quality recordings have been when our guests utilize their corporate studio space, or in a pinch, some guests have even created a temporary studio in their walk-in closet! However, most guests simply find a carpeted room with natural sound dampeners and go from there. Be sure to avoid rooms where noise bounces easily (think, a bathroom, kitchen, marble-lined office, etc.)
  2. Quality USB Microphone: This is critical. Your in-laptop microphone won’t do the trick. Pick up a decent microphone for this project. We recommend the Audio-Technica ATR2100. Or, if you really want something special, you can pick up the Heil PR-40. This is used by Leo Laporte.
  3. Skype: Be sure to have Skype for desktop and a strong internet connection! Download for free, here.

That’s it!

Catch an episode of Design Story here for free, on iTunes.



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